Job Photo – 11/17/15

Requested Service: Cleaning

 While the owners of this Boca Raton residence were 1500 miles away at their home in Montreal, the pictured area of ceiling developed a leak and partially collapsed.

Monsoon conditions in September forced enough water through the breach and down the right-side drape, so as to wick into the bedding it comes into contact with on the bed’s left side. Structural elements incorporating fabric, such as the bed’s headboard and skirting, as well as the carpet below, all ended up with rust colored water stains.

ADVANCED ON-SITE does not normally clean bedding, upholstery, or carpeting. However in this case we elected to roll all three into a package that would most quickly and efficiently remediate the damage. After the leak was repaired and the ceiling restored, we went in to erase all remaining evidence.

Though not as heavy, the fabric was of an almost canvas-like material, in the sense that it was quite densely woven. This limits the effectiveness of the usual injection/extraction method. That’s when our arsenal of exclusive cleaning agents and techniques, together with years of experience, becomes so critical.

Removing all traces of what were some pretty significant deposits, involved a six hour process requiring the application of multiple agents, in specific sequence, with thorough rinsing between each.

When we were through, it was as if the incident never happened. Customer = SPELLBOUND!

ADVANCED ON-SITE‘s specialty is drapery and shade cleaning, though we offer a range of other services related to window coverings. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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