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Have Your Drapes Cleaned – Where They Hang!

Life happens. A water leak, a remodeling project, a child’s dirty fingers. Suddenly you need a pro! But don’t take your window coverings to a dry cleaner. Have one come to you! Besides, who wants to live in a fishbowl even for just a day or two?

Now there’s a much more practical solution. Safe and effective drapery cleaning, in your home!

ON-SITE Certified Technician

Why Hire ADVANCED ON-SITE for Drapery Cleaning?

Hi. I’m company owner, Dave Smith. Mine was the first company in Palm Beach County to specialize in drapery cleaning. Other firms now offer it, but as a supplement to existing services. You’ll never find my intimate knowledge of the field within their expanded operations.

Accurate Identification of the myriad fabric types out there is critical to safe, yet effective cleaning of window coverings. For instance, not all can be safely washed with water and detergent. Some must be dry cleaned to prevent shrinkage. Others can sustain permanent damage in the absence of special handling.

Extensive training in these areas is fundamental to my certification by the network of professional cleaners whose logo appears above. More than any other factor, it’s why I can guarantee against shrinkage and damage.

Drapery Cleaning by ADVANCED ON-SITE
Drapery Cleaning by ADVANCED ON-SITE

Attention Estate Managers

Estates in your care often remain unoccupied for months at a time. Inevitably, though, the call comes. Of course you’ve maintained the residence all along. Still, additional measures are sometimes needed. The place must feel lived in, yet crisp and fresh. A challenging task at times.

Consider drapery cleaning as a means to freshen things up. The impression on your client may surprise you. Because tangible property is not the only thing you manage. Is it? You are in fact a manager of perceptions as much as anything else.

In case the need to sell such an idea arises, simply refer to the health benefits. Cleaning removes contaminants like dust, allergens, and dangerous mold spores. When you factor in the ability to have the cleaning done “on-site”, the idea practically sells itself!

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