Job Photo – 09/19/15

Requested Service: Installation


Another challenging plantation shutter install. 

Pictured, is what’s known as a “double hung” configuration. There were two other shutters of identical size and configuration in the same room, which was to be used as an office.

The owner’s intention was to place desk/credenza components along the walls where each shutter was located. She wished to have the ability to open some panels without the need to move heavy furniture. 

Generally a shutter this size would feature four, full length panels. As you can see, each had eight in this case. Four large across the top, four small across the bottom. The loss of structural integrity when panels are divided in this manner requires use of horizontal supports. These can be seen intersecting the required vertical supports.

Since the horizontals must be divided into three parts, (left, center, right) they cannot always be attached in the same fashion as the verticals (two screws into each end through concealed portions of frame). Invariably what you’re left with is a couple of locations where toe-nailing into the ends from the back side of each vertical becomes necessary. This is especially exciting when the shutter is made of anything other than wood.

These were of a composite material, which is attractive and very good quality, but nowhere near as forgiving as wood. Meaning, you only get one chance to hit your mark. All the while ensuring that the horizontal remains in the exact location prescribed. If you fail, you may have to “eat” the entire shutter. Certainly, both the horizontal and vertical supports will be lost.

It pays, then, to assemble the entire shutter, including panels, before attempting such an operation. Because, guess what? Even if the “pilot holes,” sometimes used by manufacturers to designate screw locations, are placed wrong at the factory, you still get to “eat” the product. 

ADVANCED ON-SITE is certified as having completed training that focuses on complex shutter configurations, and how to foresee potential problems before they develop. It can’t be called rocket science, but you’re well advised not to entrust your shutters to just any installer.

Our specialty is drapery and shade cleaning, though we offer a range of other services related to window coverings. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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