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My problem is with a roll up shade over one of the glass patio doors in the house we bought. It was left by the owner and I like it, but the chain keeps slipping. I can put the shade down without much trouble. But I need twice the time to put it up because it slips every foot or so. The only way I can get it to go up more is to pull down on both sides of the chain with just a little extra tug on the part that part that goes up. I hope you know what I mean. It’s a little hard to describe. Can this be fixed and what is involved? Thanks in advance.

sageavatar2THE SAGE

This has the earmarks of a worn out clutch. As you pull down, the beaded chain passes over a correspondingly scalloped wheel inside the control end. It’s a sprocket, of sorts. After a time, one or more of the scallops can become worn down. Usually due to excessive or improper use.

The only fix is a replacement clutch. Which is not all that expensive, in itself. The main cost comes in the form of service charges. Depending on circumstances, you may be billed for an initial visit to determine the exact part needed. Then, a service call is billed to return and swap the bad one out, after a new one has been ordered and received from the manufacturer. Total costs may range from $85 to $180.

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