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Hi. I have a wood blind. The strings are broken, so I need to know if they can be fixed. Thanks for your help.

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If you know from whom the blind you speak of was originally purchased, or even better, who the manufacturer was, it may be possible to obtain replacement cords.

Unfortunately, the sheer number of manufacturers, many with their own proprietary control systems, means efforts to get the exact parts needed are often frustrated in the absence of this information. It’s an issue many in the window coverings industry have moaned about for years.

Additionally, just as automobile manufacturers re-engineer components, and even drop entire product lines, so do blind manufacturers. Sometimes, as in the case of a once popular company called Bamboo Abbott, they just go out of business.

Now, if you’re unable to determine the manufacturer, and you’re feeling adventurous, you may wish to visit (no affiliation) to search for a universal repair kit. Or just to see what cording they have available, and whether it suits your needs. I’m afraid it’s a bit of a “crap shoot.” But, it’s an option even professionals avail themselves of from time to time.

Another option is to pay the necessary parts, freight and service charges to have a repair technician come to your location, determine what is needed, place the order, then return to execute the repair after it arrives. 

Thank you for your submission.

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