Service: Removal of Barbecue Sauce on Drapery Panels

Service: Removal of Barbecue Sauce on Drapery Panels

JUPITER HILLS G.C., JUPITER – This formal dining room is almost never used, yet the homeowner ended up with barbecue sauce on drapery panels. (pictured)

She believes it happened during a “barbecue social” she and her husband threw one fall a couple years ago. He was running for HOA president and everyone with a vote was invited. Over seventy people showed up. At times that afternoon two or three children had been “kind of swirling around in that area.” One may have tried to hide behind a panel, sauce on the fingers.

I was able to remove it after first dry cleaning both panels so they’d be uniformly clean and not appear different from one another. While still saturated, I applied a degreaser with mild mechanical action to the stain. A thumbnail dragged back and forth across the area coaxed the dried sauce from the fibers. I then flushed the area with the same dry cleaning solution used to clean the panels.

Sometimes low tech solutions are the most effective, while at the same time least apt to inflict damage.

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