Job: Roman Shades Cleaned

Roman Shades Cleaned

Roman Shades Cleaned in Your Home!

LAND’S END, MANALAPAN – That’s right! If you need your Roman shades cleaned, I’m Dave Smith and I’m your man.

Located near a cooking environment, the pictured shades acquired a greasy film over a period of 20 years. Naturally that film attracted dust.

Still, it wasn’t evident until one of the shades was lowered. As it unfurled, the hidden inner folds were revealed to be dust free. Protected from airborne contaminants the entire time.

Well, when the homeowner noticed this she knew it was time to have them cleaned. Her dry cleaner referred me and everything happened pretty quickly after that.

Full disclosure: For thorough drying, shades like these need to remain unfurled at least 16 hours after saturation. As I was not invited to stay overnight, the featured photo was taken before cleaning.

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