Drawing on 45 Years Experience

In 1973 Ron Smith left a longtime factory job to run his own maintenance and repair business. Inherent abilities coupled with the experience this afforded him, made for a natural entry into custom home building. However, by 1977 he’d had his fill of brutal North Country winters.

Cortland, New York – 1960s

In November of that year Mr. Smith moved his family to South Florida. Whereupon he learned that the building industry placed a heavy emphasis on volume, over quality. Concluding that his personal convictions were better served with a return to the home maintenance and repair business, he engaged for a time in the revitalization of distressed residential properties. By necessity his scope of expertise expanded into home furnishings, including window treatments. It was this field Mr. Smith pursued as the service industry began a drive toward specialization in the 1980s.

Smith Family – 1970s

A Family Affair

Every member of the Smith family has worked in some capacity with the company. Wife and daughter carried out administrative, cleaning and decorating assignments, while all three sons served apprenticeships.

Eldest son, Dave, launched his own company in 1981, a passionate champion of the same attention to detail. Some years later he adopted the “ON-SITE” cleaning method, which quickly displaced sales and installation as the primary focus. His company was re-branded ADVANCED ON-SITE.

Ron Smith is now retired, but remains a heavily involved adviser. In fact, it was he who initially researched the “ON-SITE” method, recommending its inclusion as a compliment to existing services. Youngest son, Phillip has since assumed his duties as COO of the original operation.

In recent years grandson, Michael, became a third generation member of the family business.

Add the legacy of 45 years experience to a passion for old world craftsmanship, and you can be confident ADVANCED ON-SITE delivers a quality of service uncommon in today’s marketplace.

Smith Family – 2010s

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