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NOTE: The street address above is a mailing address, only. ADVANCED ON-SITE does not have a storefront facility. Our service is entirely mobile with all work done on location.

Dave Smith – Owner

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Care is taken to respond in a timely manner. Still, some days are busier than others. A good rule is to expect a response within three business days. This way you’ll be pleasantly surprised if we get back to you within one day. Hey, it happens!

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    1. Around 2 years ago you cleaned my Hunter Douglas shades. I remember one wouldn’t go up and you replaced the batteries. It seemed like a simple thing. Now the shade won’t go down. Do you think it’s the same problem? Because you can hear the motor trying. I’m in Jonathans Landing.

      1. It’s likely the same problem. Especially if the batteries have not been replaced since July 2014, which is when our records show we were there last.

        Usually you can only hope to get a maximum two years from a new set of batteries. Certain factors like frequency of use can reduce that. Also heat from direct sunlight.

        As the batteries near the end of their useful life the shade may move slower, or even malfunction. Before they go completely dead there may be just enough juice to jog the motor, but not enough to drive it. Sound familiar?

        I notice you didn’t mention any other non functioning shades. According to our records you had at least five throughout the residence. I’m surprised if the others are still functioning! Perhaps they’re not raised and lowered as often? Or they’re better protected from heat?

        FYI, Hunter Douglas recommends changing batteries once a year.

        Please call 561-644-4091 if you would like us to schedule a service call.

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