Drapes Cleaned – No Shrinkage or Damage


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Drapes Cleaned in Place

Drapes Cleaned Where They Hang!

Need your drapes cleaned? We have the best solution for you. No more taking window coverings down, transporting them to the dry cleaner, then living in a fish bowl until the work is done. Many coverings cannot be placed in a machine anyway, due to rigid components like shade housings and cornice boards. What’s more, the agitation occurring in a machine fades and breaks down fabrics. We clean these items for you, safely and effectively – IN YOUR HOME!



As a service for getting shades and drapes cleaned, you can be confident we’re supremely qualified to repair and re-install them as well. This is critical because attempting to clean certain window treatments when installed incorrectly, or only partially functional, can have an adverse affect on their appearance. We’re able to correct such conditions, if necessary.on-site certified technicians

Accurate identification of the many types of fabrics and coatings used in window treatments is also critical to safe, yet effective cleaning of these items. Extensive training in this area is part of the certification process administered by the national network of professional cleaners whose logo we proudly display. More than any other single factor, it’s the reason we’re able to guarantee against shrinkage or damage.




Would you like to have your drapes cleaned, but you feel concern over the types of solutions used? Is a shade you’ve operated hundreds of times suddenly not responding? Have you wondered what type of blind to consider for placement in a specific window opening? Get answers now!

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  1. The main reason I selected this company over the others out there is because the owner does all the work. I have some nice things and do not like to worry about whether scruffy, low paid employees with no real stake will damage or steal something. Careful, respectful, good work

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