My Personal Promise To You

NO Shrinkage NO Damage, GUARANTEED!

In cleaning your window treatments, the only change I consider acceptable is a cleaner, brighter appearance. Undoubtedly, you agree.

The most common question I’m asked is:

“Will my [window covering] look ‘like new’ after you clean it?”

Candle soot, DURING and AFTER removal. No shrinkage No damage.

Typically what is being referred to is a drab or dingy appearance, after years of contact with dust and other pollutants. Sometimes more glaring conditions like water stains, mildew, soot, and even paint, must be dealt with.

Save for a couple of exceptions, including naturally occurring conditions like fading and yellowing, my answer to the above question is a resounding:


And yet, it’s positively alarming how often I hear of dissolved glue lines, blown out pleats, separated hems, or just a generally rumpled and limp appearance after cleaning. Cleaning done by nationally renowned companies with huge advertising budgets!

Surely such conditions cannot be considered “like new.”

ADVANCED ON-SITE absolutely will not compromise the crisp look or structural integrity of your window coverings.

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