Job Photo – 10/18/15

Requested Service: Installation

These window coverings were installed in the public relations area of a local power generating facility. We say “these” because, in case you didn’t notice at first glance, there are two in the opening pictured. 

Management contacted us about concerns over glare caused by afternoon sunlight streaming through this opening, and an identical opening beyond the glass doors at left. In that other space is a control room where operators must be able to see clearly through portals in the opposite wall, while maneuvering a giant cantilever crane just outside. 

Motorized screen shades with remote control capability were requested. However at 202 inches, these openings are simply too wide to cover, using just one shade. This is because, with the mounting brackets stationed at each end, and no way of supporting the middle, maximum width limits must be imposed to avoid sagging.

Even when forced to place more than one shade in a single opening, you still want them to operate in sync. To accomplish this, a special coupling system is used in conjunction with a modified bracket.

The other challenge is to align the inevitable light gap between shades with an existing structural element. In this case a vertical mullion serves to, at least partially, block sunlight from streaming right through the gap.

Unfortunately, there’s not always an easy solution to every challenge. Were it not for the mullion, someone would have had to decide whether to tolerate the naked light gap, or go with an alternative product that might be less desirable.

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