Job Photo – 03/22/18

Requested Service: Luminette Cleaning

This Singer Island homeowner had a very large and expensive Luminette by Hunter Douglas installed over a sliding glass door opening. (pictured) A few weeks later he hired a marble polishing company to service his floors.

The polishing process threw small amounts of a gritty compound up onto the Luminette’s face. Needless to say, the owner was very upset. That is, until he learned of our capabilities. Now he could have it restored to original condition at a fraction of the cost to replace it!

Thankfully the polishing company did the right thing. They absorbed the cleaning cost. However that’s not always the case. Which sometimes has the effect of rendering our service even more valuable.

ADVANCED ON-SITE‘s specialty is drapery and shade cleaning, though we offer a range of other services related to window coverings. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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