Job Photo – 10/06/15

Requested Service: Cleaning

This, friends, is perhaps the most unique window covering we’ve ever seen. And we’re in the business!

Its hardware, carriers and control cords are virtually identical to those of any other vertical blind system (left photo). But that’s where the similarity ends.

Where other systems are intended to suspend the familiar PVC vanes from their carriers, or less rigid fabric vanes with weights sewn into their bases, these suspend something quite different – braided nylon strands.

Hanging freely, they form groups that can either “puddle” on the sill’s surface, or cascade over its edge (right photo). While this is an interesting effect, it comes at the expense of privacy. As the photo clearly shows, this is not the type of covering one would commission for a bedroom window.

A certain homeowner at St. Andrews Country Club, Boca Raton inherited these when he bought the existing residence. Most likely European made, they had been installed in several openings overlooking a very large back patio.

Somehow, rust-like deposits had formed along the bottom, while the home sat empty for several months in foreclosure. The gentleman was given our contact info by a Boca window coverings firm and, following an afternoon cleaning session, we left him with a song in his heart.

ADVANCED ON-SITE‘s specialty is drapery and shade cleaning, though we offer a range of other services related to window coverings. Contact us to discuss your needs.



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